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Relaxing massage in the Ishtar Tantra & Massage studio

If you want to experience something unusual you are in the right place.
I am inviting you for an extraordinary session of tantric massage which can change your life.

I am a professional Tantra masseuse with years of experience in giving the most sensual massages, I am here to offer you the most luxurious sensual service with a warm and personal touch.

I am not only beautiful but also friendly, I speak perfect English and Polish I have extensive experience in the ancient art of Tantric massage.
If your body feels tired and sore after a long week at work, you may need a way to relax and regain energy. Take a break from your daily routine and discover an enjoyable experience that you are sure to love by booking a tantric massage with us in Olsztyn .

Tantric massage provides deep relaxation and helps to get rid of stress, stimulates the senses, allows to rediscover sexuality and passion as well as intimacy and closeness with others. Through this massage you can experience greater harmony and respect for your own physicality.
The touch in tantric massage is full of respect for the human being, tenderness, openness, awareness and love. It helps to rediscover the body and to believe in its possibilities. It also helps to deal with emotions, to get in touch with spirituality, to stimulate and harmony sexual energy.

Nowadays we are so busy, tired and stressed that in the pursuit of a better material life, we completely forget that we "live" here and now, in the present moment.
So we should remind ourselves of this as often as possible and enjoy life to the full, taking advantage of a moment to relax and unwind. It is believed that tantric massage is one of the best forms of relaxation. It is a treatment that both men and women need. I encourage you to open yourself to new sensations in my office from Monday to Friday.

From the moment you enter the massage parlour, you will be taken care of.
After getting acquainted, your unforgettable moment will begin - pleasant conversation, the masseuse's pleasant touch while you bathe, light soothing music, dim light and candle scents.
You will then lie down in a special place where the massage will begin.

I will endow your body with a gentle and tender touch, I will focus on it and listen to its needs. I will slowly move on to massaging successive parts of your body, allowing your skin to become accustomed to my touch and building up tension. A moment later the sexual energy will start to be released, which according to Buddhist philosophy is the biggest life energy. New forces and emotions will begin to enter you. We assure you that after such session you will feel like having another exceptionally sensual massage.

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