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Chakras: 7 Energy Centers of Body and Mind

Have you ever heard of chakras? This is a special type of energy centers in the body that has been talked about for centuries. If you are looking for a way to unlock your life force, understanding and working with your chakras can help.

In this article, I'll show you what the seven chakras are, how they work, and how they affect your overall health. We will also discuss how you can use this ancient practice to not only improve your physical health but also tune in to your mental and spiritual well-being. So get ready to learn about the seven main chakras and their potential healing powers!

The Seven Major Chakras In The Human Body

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that literally means "wheel" or "disc" and refers to the 7 energy centers of the body and mind. These chakras are considered spiritual energy points that run along the spine from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

The seven main chakras, each with its own unique role, are:

  • Root Chakra - Located at the base of your spine, this chakra is associated with your sense of security and stability. It helps you feel grounded and rooted in your physical and emotional world.

  • Sacral chakra - Located just above the pubic bone, it is associated with creativity and emotions. It helps you express yourself creatively as well as connect deeply with others and experience pleasure.

  • Solar Plexus Chakra - This chakra is located between your navel and chest and relates to your center of power. It is the key to becoming independent and self-confident.

  • Heart Chakra - Located in the center of the chest near the heart, it connects you with love, compassion, tenderness and kindness towards yourself, others and all living beings.

  • Throat Chakra - This chakra is located at the base of the throat and relates to communication - both verbal and non-verbal.

  • Third Eye Chakra - Located exactly between the eyebrows at forehead level, this chakra helps you access your intuition and inner wisdom - a great asset when making decisions or finding clarity in a situation.

  • Crown chakra - located at the top of the skull and connects to the higher spiritual realms.

The root chakra, known in Sanskrit as Muladhara

The first chakra of the human body is the root chakra, known in Sanskrit as Muladhara. It is located at the very base of your spine and is the source of your foundations, both physical and spiritual. Just as every tower needs a stable foundation from which to build it, our energy body needs this energy center to draw upon for physical and emotional stability.

This chakra is associated with the Kundalini energy that lies dormant at its base and is awakened through various practices such as yoga, meditation, conscious breathing and mindfulness. Kundalini Yoga combines physical postures, breath, and sound to unite body, mind, and soul into a single whole in order to channel energy up the spine to reach higher realms of consciousness.

The root chakra is associated with security and protection. When this chakra is balanced, it helps us develop trust in other people, strong self-esteem, strong boundaries, and organizational skills. When blocked or unbalanced, it can lead to insecurity and even fear. It is important to balance this chakra if you want to create a secure foundation on which to build your personal success and happiness in life.

The sacral chakra or Svadhistana

The second chakra is Svadhistana and is located in the lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone. It is also called the sacral chakra and symbolizes your creativity and sexual energy. When it functions well, you will feel connected to your sensuality and creativity, joy, pleasure, sexuality and intimacy.

This chakra is related to your e

powers and feelings. When it is harmonized, you can easily express yourself positively - you will be able to express feelings of joy and pleasure in a balanced way. Svadhistana also helps you relate to others in a positive way with an open heart and a clear mind.

You can work on your second chakra with Kundalini Yoga or Hatha Yoga. You may also find that essential oils or crystals help you balance this chakra. To get started, focus on these key points:

  • Visualization of a bright orange-red color for this chakra during meditation.

  • Using sound therapy with phrases like "I'm connected to my sensuality

  • Involvement in creative activities such as painting or writing

The solar plexus chakra called Manipura

The third chakra is Manipura, or the solar plexus chakra. Located in the solar plexus area, it sends energy to the diaphragm, which then radiates outward to the entire body. The colors associated with Manipura are yellow, blue in classical tantra and red in the Nath tradition.

Manipura is associated with the qualities of personal power, strength and self-esteem. When it functions properly, you will have a sense of self-confidence and self-worth. Disturbances in this chakra manifest as many emotional issues related to trust, fear, intimidation, self-esteem and confidence. On a psychic level, it is also related to decision-making and willpower.

A balanced solar plexus will exude confidence, self-love, and faith in our ability to make ourselves happy. When it is balanced, we are able to trust our intuitions and make decisions that are best for ourselves. People who have an imbalance here can be quick to anger or frustration when faced with a difficult situation or difficult people. Working on this chakra is essential to maintaining balance on all levels - mental, physical and emotional - so you can be the happiest version of yourself!

The heart chakra or center of Anahata

If you've heard the term "chakra" before, you may be familiar with this one: the heart chakra, or center of Anahata. This energy center is located in the center of the sternum and there is a lot of intense emotional energy associated with it. Working on this center allows you to intensify your own emotional development as well as connections with others.

The heart chakra is responsible for love, compassion, confidence and courage - are you connected to these feelings? A balanced heart chakra will bring more joy into your life and help you manage stress better.

When the heart chakra is balanced, it helps to increase acceptance of oneself as well as other people and situations in life. It will also open paths to giving and receiving love from others. To bring this chakra into balance, you can focus on breathing exercises or yoga poses that open up the chest area; visualization meditations can also be helpful in calming anxiety or fear that blocks the flow of Anahata energy.

The Vishuddha Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra is Vishuddha, located in the throat. This chakra is also known as the purification center and is associated with the color blue and the element of space.

Vishuddha governs self-expression and communication. It helps us reach our higher self, allowing us to express ourselves in a true way. It also helps to foster creativity and can be a great tool to manifest our intentions in the world.

When this energy center is balanced, it is easier for us to speak our truth and we can communicate more effectively with others. We may find ourselves more comfortable engaging in meaningful conversations and engaging in creative endeavors.

When Vishuddha is blocked, it can cause us to have language problems or feel fear of public speaking or genuine self-expression. This can lead to poor communication or difficulty forming meaningful relationships, which can affect our overall well-being. In order to reconnect with this energy, we should practice meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, voice toning, or chanting mantras that focus on opening the Vishuddha energy center.

Ajna or "third eye

The sixth chakra, ajna, is also referred to as the "third eye". It is pronounced "Agya Chakra" and translated to "beyond wisdom", "perception" or "command". This chakra is associated with the power of thought, imagination and universal consciousness.

When balanced, Ajna brings clarity and intuition. An unbalanced Ajna can lead to feelings of lack of control over one's thoughts.

Located on the forehead between the eyebrows. Visualization meditations and affirmations can be used to open this chakra - imagining a lotus flower with two petals slowly swirling in bright shades of indigo or purple while repeating affirmations such as "I open my third eye".

Sahasrara our crown chakra

At the top of the seven chakras lies Sahasrara, our crown chakra. Sahasrara is the entry point for the human life force and its symbol is a flower with a thousand petals.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati said that Sahasrara "is the highest point of human evolution" and its petals represent various aspects of consciousness. Here spiritual energy can either enter or leave the body - depending on which way it flows through your life force.

In terms of functions, Sahasrara helps us connect with our consciousness and our connection to something greater than ourselves. It also controls our highest thought states, including spiritual understanding and cosmic consciousness. And when it is out of balance, it can lead to feelings that distance ourselves from ourselves as well as from others.

If you want to open your seventh chakra, you can do so through yoga or meditation - or even through sahasrara incense, an Ayurvedic herbal blend that calms the mind and helps you develop a deeper connection with yourself and your surroundings.

energy stones


Working with the seven chakras and understanding how to use them to bring balance and harmony into your life is an essential part of a healthy, balanced life. From boosting your energy levels to enhancing your spiritual connection, taking the time to learn about the different functions of your chakras and implementing techniques like meditation or yoga can help you get closer to achieving an optimal state of balance and well-being.

Chakra work can be an extremely effective tool for self-healing, self-reflection and spiritual growth. When your chakras are balanced and open, you can become more connected to the universe, improving your overall well-being and helping you reach higher levels of consciousness. As you delve deeper into your chakra exploration, there is no limit to the potential you can unlock within yourself.

If you don't know how to start your journey, I will be happy to help you during the first meditations where we will learn to harmonize energy. In my office in the heart of Olsztyn, during tantric massage sessions or a healing session with crystals, we will start something special together.

Everything special!


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