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I'm feeling such wonderful energy today

Updated: May 31, 2023

I hope this article puts you in a good mood.

I feel such a wonderful energy today, it feels like a new beginning, excitement in the air, maybe it's just the sunny day, maybe it's just the planets aligned, maybe I just realised that I finally need to move forward, feeling the positive vibes that many people are sending to me.

A sense of energy, gratitude for the many people who inspire me so much, the protagonists of my journey. How this journey has gone for me, a journey to embrace sensual touch with a touch of spirituality. When I first started massaging, I never knew what was around the corner. In many relationships, partners, both inexperienced, unable to communicate their deepest needs.

All this leads to exhaustion by touch, that the soul and body suffer.

Why does this happen? - Because it could not understand , why intimacy is so unfulfilling, why there is so little physical touch, why loving is limited only by a quick, unsatisfying release and not by a deep connection.

Many go quietly through terrible inner crises and suffering.

Intimacy in my life is very important to me and I have read many books on improving relationships to help others. In short, I have returned to what I thought was something I love to do and that is massage. Of course the path is never smooth, when I started advertising I started to have a larger male clientele than female.

Learning more about the different types of massage, I came across a beautiful book written by Michael Riedl, a beautiful insight into lingam and yoni massage as an integral part of sensual massage with both Tantric and Taoist elements.

It was so exciting and liberating to bring this into my massage, lingam massage provides a man with a conscious, loving contact with his own masculinity.

I wanted to offer this so that I could open the gateway to connecting with my own body, with my own sexuality.

One of the elements is nudity, embracing male nudity, embracing my own naked body. By wanting to transcend the barrier of what the naked body should or should not look like, this process is a natural and quick way to accept myself and ultimately heale.

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