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Ishtar Tantric massage - What is it?

Updated: May 31, 2023

Tantric massage is often described as having a centuries-old tradition of a type of relaxation associated with human sexual energy. Although sexual energy is indeed of great importance, this massage technique was only developed in the 20th century. However, its roots do indeed go back a very long way - to the Himalayas several thousand years BC. At that time, the role of authorities was played by the Lamas - spiritual guides in Tibetan Buddhism. In the temples of the Lama, his priestesses were supposed to release their sexual energy during special rituals. As is done during a tantric massage.

Tantric massage evokes associations with tantric sex. Partly rightly so. "A tool for stretching consciousness" is what the word "tantra" means in Sanskrit, and both sex and tantric massage are meant to expand this consciousness enough so that the two partners or the masseur and his client become one.

The masseur stimulates the energy of the person receiving the massage, and the partners exchange their energies. However, there is a key difference between massage and sex, one is not the other. Someone who signs up for a tantric massage cannot expect any sexual services. Although intimate areas can also be massaged in the form of Joni massage (female external genital massage) and Lingam massage (penis massage) this is not necessarily the case.

The practitioner will never do something that the client is not ready for. During a massage, however, one usually remains completely naked - this applies to the person performing and receiving the massage. Tantric massage is also different from erotic massage, the aim of which is to bring a woman/man to orgasm by stimulating the genitals.

Peaking may or may not occur during a tantric massage. It is primarily about releasing sexual energy. We often suppress it, which has a negative impact on our psyche.

Tantric massage also aims to make the person experiencing it 'come to terms' with the fact that humans are sexual beings and there is nothing wrong. Desire, sex, nudity are all good. So is any body - not just the one culturally considered 'beautiful'. During a massage, the woman is a goddess, the man a god, the person giving the massage is also a goddess - everyone is equal. During the treatment, in addition to tactile sensations, the client is supposed to feel peace, bliss, pleasure, shamelessness in the sense of - "I am not ashamed of my body, I am open to other people".

The tantric massage is a whole-body treatment, because it is supposed to open all the chakras, including those located in the intimate areas, which are very often blocked. After such a cleansing, especially after several visits to the masseur's office, the awareness and love of one's body should be much greater, and the sensations derived from sex should be as well. Tantric massage is also supposed to have a positive effect on daily functioning, as the intimate zones are not separated from the others, the body is a whole.

The treatment is carried out from head to toe, with the back of the body being massaged first and then the front. Less important than the technique itself is the effect of the massage, but the practitioners use rubbing, rubbing, stroking and muscling. The treatment can be more gentle or more sensual. When performing the massage, the masseur is definitely not in a hurry and slow but effective movements are recommended.

It is important to remember that the masseur in no way comments on or judges the appearance of the person receiving the massage - after all, it is all about accepting your body as it is. There is also no reason to be embarrassed if the person feels sexual pleasure during the treatment and has an orgasm.

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