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Aromatherapy candle massage

Exceptional massage with a candle made in specially for you

  • 1 godz
  • 230 złotych polskich
  • Prywatny Gabinet / Private office

Opis usługi

This is a unique treatment that surrounds the senses with an exceptional scent - it is performed using wax from an aromatic candle - and envelops the body with a silky touch and warmth. A unique candle is used for the massage. Its wax is transformed into an appealing and warm oil. The massage has excellent care properties. This is due not only to the beeswax, but also to the pure highest quality oils and shea butter. The mixture of which the candle is composed is a real cocktail full of vitamins and ingredients that regenerate the skin. This gives it a velvety softness and suppleness. Massaging with a candle makes your skin look beautiful, and you - achieve a good mood. The scent of the oils added to the candle relaxes and calms

Dane kontaktowe

  • Tadeusza Kościuszki 115, 11-041 Olsztyn, Polska

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