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Chakra massage with crystals

Massage using the magical power of crystals to stabilize the chakras

  • 1 godz
  • 250 złotych polskich
  • Prywatny Gabinet / Private office

Opis usługi

According to the ancient philosophy of yoga, man is an energetic being. The energy system according to this concept consists of chakras, energy channels and the human biofield. What is a chakra and how to unblock them in your body? The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means a circle, a vortex of energy. Chakras are energy centres that are located in various places in the human physical body and at the level of the subtle bodies. The seven most important human chakras are located in the centre of the spine, along the spinal cord. 1. root chakra - symbolizes the will to live, instinct, a sense of security, the amount of vital energy you have every day, the resistance of the body, awareness of your body, contact with nature, ease of earning money and taking care of the material sphere of life. 2nd Sacral Chakra - represents contact with your emotions and feelings, free expression of them, acceptance of your body and your sexuality, taking care of your health, joy of life, creativity, passion and healthy eating. 3. solar plexus chakra - represents self-awareness, and is responsible for our ambition, self-esteem, physical and mental boundaries, courage, ability to act effectively, organisation of time, well-being. 4th Heart Chakra - located at the level of the lungs, represents love and emotional relationships, self-acceptance, altruism, empathy, the ability to forgive, joy of life, sensitivity. 5. throat chakra - is responsible for communication with others, assertiveness, freedom, self-expression through creative activities and fulfillment on the professional path. 6. third eye chakra - located slightly above the eyebrows, represents the inner wisdom, is responsible for our intuition, perceptiveness and concentration. 7. crown chakra - the highest of the chakras represents the sphere of spiritual search of man, reason, openness to diversity, tolerance, interest in spirituality, philosophy, seeking the meaning of life, self-realization. Chakras - are energy centres in the body. They work as transmitting and receiving stations. They take the life energy from the universal energy field around us and transform it into the appropriate frequency. The state of our chakras has a direct impact on our mental well-being and physical health. A very good idea to regain your well-being is massage and holistic body work so I am here to help you with that.

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  • Tadeusza Kościuszki 115, 11-041 Olsztyn, Polska


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