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Ritual of the return of Divine Energy

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Teaching tantric fatherhood includes a ceremony that emphasizes the importance of good touch. This ceremony may include a holistic body massage that teaches the importance of tantric nudity as a sacred practice, devoid of any sexual or judgmental connotations. The massage is designed to help individuals overcome any bodily feelings of guilt or shame, fear or resentment toward touch, sexuality and nudity. The ceremony may also include a healing yoni or lingam massage to restore spiritual connection to intimate areas. Additionally, a specialized therapeutic massage of the entire intimate area may be performed to enhance intimacy. The ceremony is designed to help individuals accept their bodies and intimate areas, especially after a difficult past, oppressive upbringing or spiritual depreciation. The process of healing from negative life experiences is referred to as Transformation. These negative experiences are considered poisons that have permanently changed and traumatized the individual, leading to blockages that affect the individual's subconscious mind. Although these experiences may have been suppressed and forgotten, they continue to affect the individual's life. These poisons continue to work throughout life until they are healed, removed, and their influence is unconditioned. These poisons are socialization and repression of sexuality, shame, fear, guilt, traumatic upbringing, lack of love, difficult relationships and violence.The path back to one's own self begins with healing the inner child. It requires care, love and clarity to step out of the shadow that has held us in place for so long. Ritual is a powerful tool that can facilitate this process by providing a safe space to explore our deepest desires and fears. Through sacred practice, we can connect with our true essence and experience a profound transformation. So, let's embark on this journey of self-discovery with open hearts and minds, trusting in the healing power of ritual to return to the Divine Energy of the Creator.

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